Download Chat X v1.2 – WordPress Chat plugin for Sales & Support

Download Chat X v1.2 – WordPress Chat plugin for Sales & Support

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Chat X - WordPress Chat plugin for Sales & Support

Chat with your visitors on your website with Chat X

What’s new with Chat X v1.2

  • Added “User is typing…” notification
  • Now login form sent when user click “Enter” instead of clicking “Send” button
  • Fixed chat logs order
  • Fixed empty chat settings

Requirements & Limitations

  • WordPress 3.4 or newer version
  • Free Firebase account
  • Multisite feature is NOT supported
  • There is no mobile app for CX yet. Operators must use WordPress admin panel to answer visitors
  • You may have errors if site homepage is different from the directory you installed WordPress.


Chat X uses Firebase (free) for realtime platform to make your chat faster and reliable. That means CX doesn’t use your own resources like other AJAX chats. Your all chat data stored on Firebase temporarily during chat communication. Besides, your data will be removed from Firebase and saved on your own server after ending chat. So you still keep your data in your server without using your server resources too much!

Chat can be ended by both visitors and operators. If visitor close window, chat is ended automatically.

We removed AJAX from CX and start to use Firebase, because:

  • AJAX is slow and not realtime (even your server is really good)
  • AJAX overloads CPU usage
  • 50 concurrent chats is NOT possible with AJAX
  • Chat should send request to server every second. While WP itself can overload CPU usage even it doesn’t use AJAX frequently, a chat script would overload CPU easily: WordPress heavy admin-ajax.php usage
  • There is no way to build a mobile application with AJAX (it is possible but it will kill mobile battery if we do that with AJAX)

it is recommended to buy Plugin, if you want regular updates and security.

Live Preview

Live Preview


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